Genetic testing

Five reasons you should take genetic test seriously

I have been in the health and wellness industry for quite sometimes now and what surprises me the most about the fitness conscious people today are

  • Spending hugely on ‘organic’ food
  • Buying a fitness club membership (which they hardly visit)
  • Drinking sugar-loaded juices in the name of health
  • Trying to follow multiple things they come across in google

After doing everything for a short while, they complain about its inefficiency. To make everything you do more efficiently, get your genes tested.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should get your genetic test done

  1. If you value yourself – If you are that one person who believes in his individuality, who believe in his uniqueness, get your gene tested and know the real you
  2. Lifestyle epidemics – If you are a high powered professional – who sleep late, eat fast foods more than rarely, sit through the day before a screen, you should get this test done and start eating accordingly. 80% of your body shape and function is dependent on the food you eat
  3. Inheritance beyond wealth – Families especially in communities like Marwari, Punjabi, etc have a long list of diseases in their family history. The most common ones are – Diabetes, Heart, BP, Bone disorders, etc. If you think your family history has these, get your genes tested and start living accordingly. All the above-mentioned diseases have genetic linkage. We would want you to inherit wealth and happiness. And not diseases. Get your genes tested at
  4. You are health-conscious – A huge problem with health conscious people is their readiness, readiness to follow diets, do what seems right for health as soon as possible. Where they fail is their approach. They read a lot online and try to incorporate the seemingly best tips in their life. Without knowing if their genes will really reflect result for their health tip. Yes, an abundance of information is also a problem and we help you follow that.
  5. You live in the 21st century – No. this is not a joke. Given our lifestyle and food habits, we are highly prone to diseases. India already ranks 1 in the number of diabetes and in 33 seconds someone in India suffers heart stroke. With facts like such and our inclination towards a sedentary lifestyle with fast food, the requirement of living right is more than ever

If you still have concerns, please feel free to reach out.