Genetic testing :Know Your DNA

Genetic Testing 101

Have you been hearing about Genetic testing these days and are wondering if it is the right thing for you?

Very recently in India, people are talking about Genes, DNA and how they can help prevent diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart disease, etc. But we should first learn more about Genes, how can they help us and why now? I am sure we have read about genes and DNA during our school days but why is it being marketed now.

Read further for all your concerns. I hope to answer most, if not all

Humans are multicellular animals. Each cell in the human body contains genes. These genes are made up of DNA and can be located in Chromosomes. These genes come to us via our parents. Humans have 23 pairs of Chromosomes – inherited from parents. The gene structure regulates our body and determines our growth. Disease are caused by abnormalities in genes, called gene mutations. Diseases are sometimes caused by gene mutations solely, while others are caused by a mix of genetic and lifestyle factors.

Why is genetic testing done?

With Genetic testing, we try to look for these mutations. The test is done using blood, saliva or tissue sample. In genetic testing, the aims are to look into one’s genes and these genes are present in every cell of one’s body. Our saliva, tissue or blood – all have cells of our body and hence test via any sample yields the same result.

Do genetic testing for:

  • Disease diagnosis
  • Disease causal analysis
  • Ascertain treatment alternatives for a disease
  • Determine health risk for a preventable disease
  • Determine risk of passing a disease to your child

What disease risk do you carry?

You must have heard multiple times that X disease is a hereditary disease. It simply means someone in the family tree had it and now you have it too. How does that happen?

As we have understood, we inherit genes from our parents. We also inherit the mutations to a particular disease (sometimes). This mutation acts as a causal factor which when added to our lifestyle ensures the disease to affect us.

For example, if someone is pre-diabetic (carries gene mutation prone to diabetes) and he exercises rarely and eats high-in-carb, especially processed carbs likelihood of his contracting diabetes increases a lot.

To know the disease risk that you carry or you will pass on to your child, please get your genes tested here.

What kind of disease are generally hereditary?

Let me try to name the common ones here:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • BP
  • Heart-related problems
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic kidney diseases

At Genecorp, we test each individual on 62 parameters, which includes around 25 diseases.

Is genetic testing meant only to know disease risk?

With Genetic testing, we can know many things and disease risk is just one. Knowing you genes helps you unfold many things and help you achieve fitness goals both faster and easier.

We can also ascertain how your body responds to food items – rather its macro and micro nutrients like carbs, protein, fats, protein, iron, sodium and many others. It also helps ascertain your body’s response to caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and lactose.

Not just food, it also helps understands your body’s response to exercises. If your body responds better to weight training or cardio. It can answer questions like why you are not losing weight or what are the chances that you will gain weight easily or even questions relating to your body’s biological age.

It also helps ascertain genetically determined conditions like nicotine or alcohol addiction, migraine problems, and many others.

What are things to consider during a genetic testing?

Genetic testing is like a Pandora’s Box. It has its own pros and cons. Some of the benefits would be

  • Your chance to know your future and create a new one
  • To prepare for disease risks
  • Insights for family planning
  • Better equipped to prevent diseases
  • More knowledge about INSIDE YOU

Genetic testing has negatives too. They can be

  • Might make you worried
  • Might make you feel depressed

Without appropriate counseling, you might feel worried or depressed. We at Genecorp take special attention to address this issue by providing pre-post test counseling

Why are people marketing genetic testing now, is this just another fad?

Thanks to Human Genome Project which helped us get into the 20,000+ genes that make up an individual and that holds countless information to understand the fundamentals of human life. Ever since our knowledge of how we are made has developed at an unprecedented rate. In our case, it opened a new realm of information about your individual fitness and nutrition needs, easily accessible from one little mouth swab.

Hope I could help 🙂

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