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How to control your genes: The story of Aman and Shruti

Meet Aman and Shruti.

Aman is an investment advisor at a multi-national bank. Shruti is a business consultant. They recently got married.

Both work full-time. When they come back in the evening, they like a drink. Aman sticks to his favorite Budweiser (beer) while Shruti loves red wine. Both smoke at-least 10 cigarettes each day.

Excessive Drinking and smoking can switch off the tumor suppressing genes whose job it is to stop tumors.

They rarely cook at home, due to their busy schedules, they prefer to order food or directly eat at a restaurant. None of them is very keen on exercising.

What we eat has effect on our epigenetics.

Epignetics is the science which explains that some people need different diets and workouts than others. 

One day Shruti finds that she is expecting her first child.

She is anxious due to her increased work pressure at work.

Aman’s company underwent an acquisition and talks are that he might be laid off.

Epigenetic research has found that mothers who are stressed and anxious during pregnancy are more likely to have children with asthma.

Shruti doesn’t know this. Her lifestyle has had a negative impact on her and her child’s health.

Her newborn daughter has tumor suppressing genes turned off. She is also moderately asthmatic.

Epigenetic changes can be inherited. So, smoking is not a risk just for us but for our children too. They can inherit our “switched off” tumor suppressing genes and can be at a greater risk for cancer.

Shruti and Aman take a long look at the mirror. Depressed by this fact about their child, they start to research about genetic health on the internet.

They are worried about their daughter’s health. They wonder if the genetic changes are irreversible.

Turns out they aren’t. But firstly, they need to understand the complete genetic profile of her kid. So, they get a genetic test done. They are handed over a genetic report that gives them an in depth information about their daughter’s health. The report is coupled with valuable recommendation in lifestyle and dietary improvements to turn on the tumor suppressing genes and silent the effect of asthma.

The report says that we can turn back on tumor suppressing genes by eating food like broccoli, garlic, and onions. And so reduce the risk of cancer.

A few years later Shruti was expecting her second child. But this time, she has taken up yoga and corected her diet as per her genetic assesment. She also was less stressed. Epigenetics explains that a positive attitude can be beneficial for a mother during her pregnacny.

Due to their new lifestyle this time, Aman and Shruti had a healthy baby boy.

Our offspring can inherit our genetic characteristics . By following a genetically healthy lifestyle, we can offer our child the best possible start.

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