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Take a leap to a perfect health and precise shape using your DNA blueprint.
Your genetics will be your launchpad.

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Your DNA contains the blueprint of your life.
We extract your DNA and study it to get insights into your health. We use these insights to create the right health advices for you in form of personalised diet plans, workout plans, and lifestyle modifications that will help you stay fit and healthy. Amazing isn't it?

Nutrition Planning
Understand how your body reacts to certain foods & nutrients & what are the best food that you can metabolise easily
Disease Prevention
Effective protection against ailments is knowledge about it. Empower yourself with your health blueprint much in advance.
Know yourself
Get a peek inside of your body via our groundbreaking DNA test. Get insights about yourself and plan better health.
Family Health
Your family needs to know about what ailments they should be more cautious about. Give them the Genecorp edge.

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Non-invasive DNA test

All you need is a simple saliva sample and we will do the rest.

Powerful Insights

Over 300+ DNA Markers are tested with cutting age Illumina Sequencing.

Personalized Recomendations

Tailor-made by our team of genetic counselors, dietitians, and health coaches.

Digital Health Expert at your fingertips, literally

Genecorp analyzes genetic variations that can affect nutritional needs, sensitivity to certain nutrients, fitness traits and general well-being. After submitting a simple saliva sample, you receive a report with a detailed summary of your results.

An exclusive mobile app allows you to view your results anywhere, while also providing you access to actionable health recommendations and live chats with health coaches.

LifeXP App

Life XP App for you

A Complete health app with your Genetic and Lifestyle details to give you personalized recommendations on the go.

Genetic and Lifestyle Counselling

With LifeXP, you receive complimentary access to two 1-on-1 phone consultations with a health coach - before and after your DNA test. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and also allows us to get to know your preferences to incorporate into your personalized report.

Achieve Your Health Goals

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  • I sincerely believe that Genecorp is going to change the dynamics of the healthcare and fitness industry. They are helping us move from disease treatment to preventive healthcare.Everything from the genetic report to the nutrition analysis is outstanding. Kudos to Genecorp and the team!!

    . . .
    Bhaven Shah, 26 Yrs
  • My first impression was not great, I liked the report but thought it was too much info. I thought I wasted my money. But post counselling and 2 months down the program I saw a change in my daughter’s food choices. I am happy that my daughter finally realized eating junk isn’t only to prevent obesity.

    . . .
    Madhuri Sawant, 45 Yrs
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The Blueprint for a healthy life.

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Life XP App

A Complete health app with Genetic and Lifestyle details to give you personalized recommendations on the go.