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His mom got diabetes from him

His mom got diabetes from him.

Strange isn’t it?  is not so complex if we delve deeper. Let’s begin from the top.

He was the first one who got Type-II diabetes in his family. Back then, in year 2000, people considered Diabetes to be a disease-of-the-rich. However, only he understood the pains that came along with it. Cautious eating was not just advised but became a necessity. Over the years, he did hear doctors saying diabetes is Genetic but he never really believed it. Reason : None in his family ever had diabetes before he did.  In fact, a couple of years post his diabetic discovery, his younger brother was diagnosed with diabetes too. But no one before him.

During a seminar in Kolkata, we met him. He was intrigued by the fact that he can know his genes and live a lifestyle accordingly. He was specifically curious to know how he acquired diabetes if none in his family were diabetic. During his pre-counselling, we explained him that Type – II Diabetes is not only genetic, and according to our research, it is 75% lifestyle driven. However, he was very interested to know if he had particular genetic markers for diabetes.

Post the test, his report revealed that his diabetes was indeed a manifestation of his genes. An excerpt from his report is mentioned below:

His report answered his query, non he knew his diabetes has Genetic linkage. But what triggered was his next question. During his post-counselling session, our Geneticist explained him how lifestyle plays an important role. While understanding his lifestyle, we realised the WHY. A guy from Bihar, in Kolkata, to make a name for himself prioritized work over right food and healthy lifestyle. On contrary his parents in Bihar, followed a relatively healthier lifestyle in a pollution-free environment.

During his 4th monthly follow-up consultations, he mentioned his mother who is now 65 has been diagnosed with diabetes. Finally he understand how his diabetes was Genetic and how lifestyle can actually avoid a disease or push it farther.

If sequence were to given weightage, it almost looks like he gave diabetic genes to his brother and mother, isn’t it?

At Genecorp we help you do exactly what his mother did but with a certain science ‘Nutrigenomics’. We understand your genetic make-up, know what lifestyle will help you prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. What follows is information and guidance (kind of handholding towards a healthier life).

If you want to stay healthy and prevent diseases as far as possible, reach out to team Genecorp. With a 30-second non-invasive saliva test we help you with a blueprint of your life. Simple to follow and achieved impactful results too.