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Pick the healthiest food as per your DNA!
 Analyse your DNA using your DNA test
 Report your body's response to various nutrients
 Complete nutrition plan exclusively for your body
 Doubt clarification and ounselling with our nutritionist

We analyse your DNA

And find out what's the best diet for you

Your DNA is a blueprint for your complete life. And it covers information on what should you be eating to maintain a healthy life not now, but even in your old ages.

We prepare a comprehensive diet plan for you

Which is personalised for your body type

You are what you eat and not all diet plans suit everyone. We prepare a plan that address your nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disorders. This will ensure that you have

We appoint a nutritionist

Who guides you consitent healthy eating

We understand that it becomes difficult to follow a diet plan by being self-motivated. So we appoint a trained nutritionist to keep you motivated. She will clear your doubts and help you with keeping updated with latest research on nutrition.

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