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Curious about your DNA? Or what genetic conditions you might pass on to your kids? By sequencing your DNA from just a small saliva sample, Genecorp helps you answer important questions like these—and many, many more.

How your saliva gives the Blueprint.

Human DNA is about 99.5% identical from person to person. However, there are small differences that make each person unique. These differences are called variants.

Your DNA was passed down from your parents—and their parents and so on. Variants can be linked to certain health conditions, traits and ancestry groups.Your saliva contains DNA from cells in your mouth. We send you a saliva collection kit and instructions for providing your sample.

Our NABL-certified lab extracts DNA from cells in your saliva sample. Then the lab processes the DNA on a genotyping chip that reads hundreds of thousands of variants in your genome.

Your genetic data is analyzed, and we generate your personalized reports based on well-established scientific and medical research.

Environment, Genetics, Lifestyle

Take a look in the mirror. You are the result of an unknowable billions of chained interactions that occur in your body. You are the breathing representation of all factors that influence who you are, whether it’s your DNA, the choices you make, your ancestral roots, or the many areas we are only beginning to explore.

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Our cutting edge Process

The analysis we perform is called genotyping. Our genotyping looks at hundreds of thousands of specific locations on your DNA. These locations are known to vary between individuals, and some are associated with certain conditions, traits, or ancestry.

We use leading technology to genotype your DNA—a custom Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip.

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Empower yourself with genetic insights to live healthier and to proactively prevent disease.

Understand how your body reacts to food and nutrients.
Find out which medication and drug works best for you for Diabetics.
Personality Genomics
Enrich your learning curve by understanding insights on your personality.
Family Planning
Find out if you or your partner are carrier of genetic conditions.

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A Complete health app with Genetic and Lifestyle details to give you personalized recommendations on the go.