3-month weight loss program

Weight loss gets easier than ever!
 Guaranteed weight loss
 6 diet plans with personalised recipes
 9 telephonic counselling with our nutrition expert
 Targeted weight loss counselling with our nutritionist

Guaranteed weight loss

Follow the program to see definitive results

We prepare you for a focussed weight loss regime where each and every kilo is tracked and overseen by our experts. This makes it impossible NOT to lose weight at the end of the program.

Get 6 diet plans with personalised recipes

Which are personalised for you

During your weight loss journey, you need multiple diet plans as you progress in your weight loss journey. We ensure the best and most personalised plans along with recipes are crafted that accelerate your weight loss.

Get 9 counselling sessions

From our nutrition expert

We understand that it becomes difficult to follow a diet plan by being self-motivated. Our nutrition expert manages your motivation through her 9 counselling sessions.

Get the weight loss plan now

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